Boot and bus May 1st

With the sun shining and the wind blowing we set off to watch mulls wildlife. The heat haze did hamper our view of the white tailed eagle in the tree and on the nest so we moved further on to look for more obliging wildlife. On the way a tawny owl flew towards us next to the road. An unexpected treat. The eagles were high both white tailed and golden. Hen harrier over the hillside, stone chats everywhere. At lunch we saw a common scoter and a red throated diver. There are still lots of red throated divers now in their summer plumage and ready to leave us to head North to breed in Iceland. Our walk took us into woodland with lots of willow warblers calling around us, cuckoo and sedge warbler calling. We managed to see one of the willow warblers and chaffinch. We also rescued some tadpoles from a drying puddle on the path. The day was very hot so we returned to the bus and moved into the hills to have a cuppa and cake. We saw a golden eagle come over the ridge. It flew across in front of us and across the path we had walked on earlier. Typical. still lovely to see. Lots of red deer, seals and sunshine made it a lovely day.