Boot and bus 30th April.

The last day of April,sunshine and high winds. It was an interesting day with a challenge to find eagles in the high winds. Slow start to the day although we did see  white tailed eagle in a tree very well camouflaged. You wouldn’t think a metre high bird could disappear so easily into the foliage. The other of the pair was sat on the nest keeping its head down. A cuppa in a sheltered spot while we watched a male hen harrier, Graylag and canada geese. Our walk was lovely. Stuart , a friend came along as an extra guide for the day. He has so much knowledge and detail about a very wide range of  natural history. There was lots of birds around us. We listened to willow warbler close by giving us change to see him in the tree. Gold crest and wren. Tree pipit all displaying their song. We headed into the hills for lunch and the hope of golden eagles. Lots of red deer,no eagles.very high winds. The decision made to head into a more sheltered area where we could look for golden eagles. A cuppa, cake and two golden eagles. brilliant. they were displaying, the male up in the air, wings back and dropping like a stone. Highlights for me, the lovely buzzard with white streaks on the wings and tail. The day went so quickly, and loads to see. Many thanks to Stuart for his energy and knowledge.