August highlights

Well where did it go. the tours have been a little quieter in August and we have taken some time off to catch up with jobs and spend time with family. Its been a great month for wildlife and as always lovely to share the experience with my guests. Some of the highlights for me have been; Fantastic  views of  a wide variety of wildlife, otters, hen harrier and osprey the common seals having their young. gannets diving and hundreds of common jellyfish. Red deer stags, hind and calves and fallow deer. Curlew and oystercatchers with chicks. Goldcrest, spotted fly catcher, buzzards, ringed plover,common gull so much to see and enjoy. The smaller birds have been hiding while they recover from raising chicks and moulting, they are just starting to re appear. The eagles have fledged their young at least 10 for the golden eagles and 17 for the white tailed sea eagles. Swallows, common sandpiper, stonechat and wheatear are only seen occasionally now replaced with some of the returning wintering birds the red throated and great northern divers, little grebe and teal are starting to come in. The leaves are starting to change and the late summer flowers such as Scabious, knapweed and the heather amongst the changing colour of the grasses. Grass of Parnassus and purple- loosestrife brighten the sides of the roads. blackberries and huge amounts of rowen berries hanging from trees. Common seals lounging around on the rocks showing us how to relax. Big moon and clear skies at night with a shower of shooting stars, rainbows and sunshine. 356A8119P1090576P1090535