August, A warm and sunny start

The days are shortening slightly but its lovely to see the stars again, and sunsets.

The tours are still busy and there is still lots to see. A little quieter for the smaller birds as they go into their mault and take a well earned rest from feeding chicks. 

We are noticing the common sandpiper are leaving us, and the wheatear. they are heading back to Africa.

There is one great northern diver appeared back from its breeding grounds, is Autumn coming in fast? 

Lots of butterflies around, Scotch Argos, Painted lady in good numbers and Red admiral (below) 

Young stone chats all over the place, and wheatear. Busy learning how to be independent. 

This mum otter heading up the river with food for her cubs. We thought it was a seal coming towards us as the fish was grey and in front of her face. what a treat. The rain was pouring as we crouched behind the bridge to watch her. What a treat. 

The calves are getting bigger now and a bit less shy.