April update

The Isle of Mull continues in lock down. The Island is very quiet with few cars on the roads. Spring is certainly here with the trees now showing young leaves and the green of spring is everywhere.

Strange and uncertain times are here. We have no idea when we will be able to welcome you back to this lovely Island but it will come. We are enjoying the first real break since we moved here but we are really missing everyone, your warm comments and lovely emails are most welcome.

What are we up to?

Mike and I are getting out for regular walks. Although its can be frustrating that we cannot keep up to date with our usual Eagle nest watches and otter families on the tour routes we have lots to watch localy. We really apreciate we are lucky to live with nature all around us. 

We are really enjoying and getting to know the garden birds. We have nest boxes around the garden with lots of trees giving the opportunity for the birds to make a home. Starlings have taken up residence in the eaves next to the feeders. Its great watching them pop out to eat, squack and go back in.

The Blue tits are still making their minds up where to be and we have a pair of common gulls coming in for breakfast. We are now being detectives watching nest boxes.

The garden pond is busy, lots of frogs, common newts, tadpoles, water boatmen, pond skaters and whirlygig and diving beetles.


The weather is lovely, dry, sunny. This is giving us the chance to catch up on outdoor jobs. Mike has been busy in the garden and its looking lovely. He always leaves untouched corners for the wildlife and the wild flowers to grow. He is getting the greenhouse ready for planting and has potatoes in at the moment. The two chickens are enjoying the dry weather. Misty the dog loves the sunspots, moving around the grass to get the best rays.

I am very grateful for my new shed/ Studio, I am spending lots of time getting back into doing some silk painting. I have also revamped our bedside lamp shades and the knife block! My Grandaughter asked for a hand made rug for her birthday so the wool is on the way. I also plan to spin some wool and dye it with natural dies. I cannot knit but I can make another rug or two. How did I find the time to work.

Mike also has a shed or two and he is busy woodturning. Slowly our house is filling with painted items and beutiful wooden bowls. 

I have to say the people of Mull have been fantastic, we read everyday of offers of support, and enjoy a cheery wave as we go by. We really apreciate being in a lovely comunity.