Aniversary tour

It was lovely to share a special 30th anniversary with my guests today, and the company of Steve who came along to help spot. The weather was not at its best, cold with huge dramatic snow/hail showers. We had planned a walk so we set of to Croggan hoping it would be more sheltered. On the way we saw an otter fishing, looked at a white tailed eagles nest, she was very low on the nest so hard to see. A cuppa later with a lovely male hen harrier, a bit distant but still great to watch as he hunted the fields. We stopped to see if we could find the hen harrier again and a white tailed eagle was spotted over the hill, it was joined by another and we watched hopeful for a talon lock as they came close together. They did display but no talons. They spent some time dropping, diving and flying high. Another joined a golden eagle. it flew with them for a short while and moved off. Another white tailed eagle joined in. A female hen harrier briefly over the hill in front. Dodging the showers, quite well really we headed off to Croggan. On the way lots lapwing, oystercatchers. Many small birds, meadow pipits, wheatear skylark and a common sandpiper were all sheltering in the reeds at the side of the road.We parked up and had lunch hoping for a break in the weather. We had just stopped and some gulls flew up across the bay from us. A white tailed eagle was just heading round the corner and a golden eagle flew up to the hill in front of us. We couldn’t tell if they had been successful in getting food. A clear sky so we set off for our walk. it was cold but really lovely. The dramatic sky with snow showers over the hills. The visibility was so clear,we could see for miles. The colour of the sea changed constantly from turquoise to deep blue and silver. Our day went a bit to quickly so we went off to our last stop of the day. The white tailed eagle was on the nest. it looked like the male sitting so we waited to see if the female would return. We watched a while then decided to leave. Then there was a lot of looking and fussing in the nest then the female came in and landed in the tree above. What a treat. a great end to our day. Jacqui