22nd November This morning we re-felted the shed roof at Dungallen this afternoon we went to Loch na Keal for a well earned break and soon spotted a family of otters, mother and two cubs eating fish on a rock out in the loch. They ate and played for some time before taking to the water and headed our way, we decided to move before they came too close hoping we had judged where they would come out. We had judged well they came ashore about 20 metres away and disappeared under some rocks for a siesta. Deciding to wait we had coffee and took in our surroundings it was a bright sunny but cold day, in the distance a loon called and we could see slavonian grebes, shags and merganser on the loch and the hills around us were lit with the setting sun, not a bad spot for a coffee break. After about an hour the otters emerged and headed up the loch playing on the shoreline and in the shallows before disappearing into the gloom. Winter is a great time for watching wildlife the days are short and cold so they need to feed for most of the day, giving us more chance of seeing them so why not come up and have a tour with us. Check out our facebook page for more news and photo’s. mike.