A short eared owl day

An early start today with a Craignure start at 9.10am. And it paid off as the day turned very wet at 12.00 Our eagle on the nest was hard to see so we headed off to look elsewhere. As soon as we stopped a short eared owl flew across the hillside, then another. great to watch. Red deer in the hills. A male hen harrier flying as we moved to our next stop. Cuppa and a very brief white tailed eagle. willow warbler, and common seals. As we drove through the mountains the weather closed in. some wonderful moody skies. Lunch stop and an otter, dog and he was fishing hard. we watched him for a while as he worked his way across. mum and two cubs in the distance on a rock eating. They disappeared, only the hooded crow remained picking up the left over food. Heavy rain with a brief respite in the hills and short eared owls came out to search for food. This is the first time we have had them flying through the day. its usually been evening. shows they must have chicks to feed. Lots of chicks around.goslings and lapwing chicks. Other highlights of the day: snipe calling and flying, female hen harrier carrying food, whinchat and stonechat, eider ducks and cuckoo. despite the rain a good day. Jacqui