A North run, Wednesday 13th June

Gosh, June is flying by, a bit like the weather today. With gales forecast in the afternoon and rain at lunch time we made a b line for the white tailed eagle nest. It was great to see the young eagle getting bigger and bigger. flapping at the back of the nest. Buzzards flying around as they also have a nest in the area. Now we did need to find an otter as the whole bus wanted to see one. no pressure !! A stop at the loch side to see red shank, red breasted merganser Common gull and lots of greylag geese with goslings. Lots of swallows and sand martin flying low getting insects. The weather was closing in fast and we did manage to see red deer nut struggled for golden eagle as the hills were covered in cloud. A stop at a very low Ace Force the waterfall that falls into the sea. all quiet as there has not been any rain for some time. Until today that is. Lunch and a scan for otters, nothing as yet so we enjoyed lunch while we watched the buzzard nest and some very we chicks.  then a shout from one of my guests Kate. whats that on the rocks ? could it be an otter. well! my new best friend had spotted two otters. we watched them for a good length of time while they came on shore and rolled around. lovely. And thank you Kate, pressure off. We carried on in the hope of more wildlife. stopping for a cuppa and cake and the weather really hit. We decided to call it a day. and a good one it was. Jacqui