A bit delayed

I have been very lax for not doing my blog. The tours have been very busy up until last weekend with lots to see. And we have been completing some building work. An extra room for mum.we have been decorating, putting up curtains and generally routing her boxes from the loft. Her trip down memory lane as her ornaments appear after some years. The winter wildlife is brilliant: The otters are around and close in shore. Mums and cubs of different ages. being hassled by white tailed eagles for their food. Red deer are over the rut now and relaxing in the fields. The eagles are enjoying the sunshine when we have it. Hen harriers are still around and we have the wintering birds coming in such as whooper swans passing through. Great northern divers in good numbers and slavonian grebes. Teal, widgeon, waders in good numbers now. The tours are still running although its much quieter for people now. I tend to take a couple of tours a week. Working with the best days for the weather.