A bit behind!

Suddenly the tours have been daily. I am not complaining but its taken me the week to get back into the swing of things and doing the post daily. Apologies for grouping the week together. We have had a mixed bag of weather with changing skies every few minutes. The eagles have been the starts this week. on two occasions we have seen multiple gatherings of juvenile eagles. Up to 7 at one time with an adult amongst them. we also had golden eagles joining the 7 making a spectacular 9 at one time in the air above us. Nesting eagles have been a treat to see. both white tailed and golden. the weather has kept them low in the nests until they pop up or move around. Hen harriers, red deer, fallow deer, peregrine, stone chat, razor bills and guillemots, just a few of the highlights with really good otters. close to shore. Shell duck merganser, kestrel and great northern divers. swallows, house martins and sand martins. Its been great sharing my tours with families with young children, they are especially keen to see things and they have fantastic vision.. Oh and a comment from one of my young guests made my day. he saw a vole cross the road and shouted hamster. I knew exactly what he meant. (although it may just have been a hamster) Quite a week.