Boot and bus 29th June.

With the threat of rain by mid afternoon we set off for our walk early. Loch Ba was gorgeous as always, a rather large leech in the pond on the way. Buzzards flying high, Ravens and golden eagles. We stopped for our cuppa next. White tailed eagles in a distant tree. Common seal on the last bit of island with its pup. Two more white tailed eagles as we continued after our break. we stopped to watch as they flew closer. common sandpiper and wheatear everywhere Carrying on and a shout from the back. white tailed eagle. I reversed to a pull off and as I stopped there was a mum and two small cubs in front of us. fantastic. we spent a long time watching them. The little ones were calling when mum went off to fish. they piled onto the shore and we lost sight of them. Moving off and we saw the otters again. we watched a little while and left them to get on with their day. The day had gone by so very quickly and we decided to stop for what was now a late lunch. What a morning. The weather was now closing in so we headed off. Stopping to look at the sand martin nests a baby rabbit was sheltering from the weather at the edge of its burrow. now that was cute. Heading now for the hills to see if any hen harriers were about. not in the hills but we did see a male flying across behind us. the rain came heavier and he landed. Scope on him and what a lovely bird. we all got a good look at his pale colours and black wingtips. A perfect end to a very good day.