31st July

Well thats July over, and what a month. Its hard to pick any particular moment there have been so many. I suppose one of the highlights for me has to be seeing the golden eagle chick growing from a little white head peeping out occasionally to a fully grown eagle, well still calling with a chicks voice and looking unsure but very special.And the possible first flight of a white tailed eagle chick take its first flight. Another has to be the otter, we were in the right place at the right time when it appeared right by us, looked back and carried on. I have it on video but haven’t a clue how to save it. winter project I think. Common sandpipers busy on the loch shore bobbing their tails and hen harriers dancing in the sky. The changing scenery and the fantastic wild flowers. Oh yes and the very unusual sight of  a common newt having a tug of war with a leech over a worm, underwater. July was a very good month. P1080333