26th October

Well the weather did as promised. We had a Northern lights alert last night and we had thick cloud. However as promised the day brightened very quickly and the shafts of light through the clouds was  gorgeous. Our first stop was Craignure to meet two other guests and we saw an otter swimming with a large fish and head for land. Typical it went behind the headland to eat it.  Unfortunately our other guests gave a late cancellation so we carried on to our next stop with extra food yummmyyy. All quiet as we looked for the white tailed eagles. The one flew across the sea and landed on the shore. we put the telescope on it and saw it had prey. there was a hooded crow close behind pinching bits dropped by the eagle. The eagle flew around the headland and away. a good start to our day. On our way to the next stop and red deer stag and hinds. Another white tailed eagle in a large bush. hard to see at first and a strange place for such a big bird to sit. a brief view of a male hen harrier flying on the edge of the hill and a lovely pair of stone chat right in front of us. Heading on and a lovely male goosander in the river. The weather continued to be sunshine and light showers, more red deer and a kestrel.buzzards everywhere today enjoying the wind. Heading into the mountains and a stop at the top. we had only been out of the bus 5 minutes and a golden eagle appeared over the hill top. it must have been the 1.20pm from a few weeks ago but a little early. Lovely with the light on its wings. A pause at the estuary and a large flock of turnstone and ringed plover landed close by. green shank, red shank, teal and mallard were a few of the large amount of birds. Otter number two fishing off the shore, we watched as it fed and caught a large fish. it headed into shore and we lost sight as it went behind the edge of the rocks. On the home run common seals close in , a great northern diver and another white tailed eagle flying over us being followedby a b, it disappeared and did a repeat fly by a little later. An otter spotted at distance so cuppa and cake finished we carried on in the direction of the otter. we saw it again fishing hard off the shore. Last stop of the day, shafts of sunlight pouring onto the sea, a large group of teal with curlew, mallard and oystercatcher. Heading home and a real treat of a small group of fallow deer including in the edge of the wood. A rather good day. p1110021 p1100987 p1100993