21st April, Easter Sunday.

Windy and sunny, great weather for eagles, we hope!

A brief golden eagle first stop then our morning continued with Common and Atlantic grey seals, wheatear and an otter.

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More golden eagles over the hills and lots of sand martins around. Mum and cub otter very close to the roadside swimming past us.

Red deer in the hills and lunch watching white tailed eagles, buzzards and ravens.

Our afternoon gave us lots of highlights. Hen harrier and buzzards chasing off a white tailed eagle. Kestrel and a cuckoo displaying. Reed bunting in the smallest patch of reeds it could find!

Stone chat, red breasted merganser, swallow and skylark. A few butterflies around and lots of bumblebees.

In the mountains we watched 5 white tailed eagles and male and female hen harrier. A very good place to have our tea and cake.

A white tailed eagle on the nest completed our day perfectly.