1st November. Otterly fantastic. 13 otters today

Unbelievable day today. Sunshine most of the day with an occasional shower to give us rainbows. We started our day with a several lovely stonechat a dunnock and a wren. our next stop we saw hen harriers, a juvenile male and a female. Red deer and more stone chat. a very brief white tailed eagle. Carrying on we saw red deer, 2 white tailed eagle close to the shore, it flew to give us a lovely view then it was joined by another.then three golden eagles flew above us. Hen harrier across the field behind and more red deer. Common seals relaxing on an island. Buzzards everywhere looking lovely with the sun on them. Next stop and we didnt know where to look, 2 white tailed eagles sitting on grassy mounds, three otters very close to us on the shore. mum and two cubs. Into the hills and more golden eagles enjoying the good weather. then we headed down to the shore for a comfort stop. golden plover, turnstone, greenshank and red shank. Teal and curlew. Lunch with pumpkin soup, rainbows and hen harrier, great northern diver, gooseander, and three more otters. Another otter was swimming of the headland opposite. What a morning. lunch over we made our way round the loch shore, dipper in the river and another otter. we watched it and it suddenly turned and came back towards us. it disappeared behind a rock. we were also watching another in the distance fishing off shore. while we watched the first otter appeared with a cub and swam across the bay Wow. 10 otters so far. We headed slowly home as the sun dipped. rounding the headland the sun started to set. stunning light. Cuppa and cake, 10 whooper swans flew over, Atlantic grey seals watching us, and otter number 11 swam past and came on shore. wonderful. There was another otter number 12 further to our right and this also came close to us. in fact it was just on the shore eating next to where we were standing very still and quiet. incredible. Our day was drawing to a close when otter number 13 swam past. the daylight finally left us so we headed home. incredible day. p1110228 p1110166 p1110259 p1110280p1110356p1110324