16th April. Easter Sunday

A wet and cold start to the day snow on the hills, just as the forecast promised. As soon as the rain stopped everything came out. A white tailed sea eagle, then an other joined it. A golden eagle made a brief appearance then as we were having a cuppa the two white tailed eagles came overhead. fantastic watching them, talon grabbing above us. Heading off and we spotted an otter. It was busy fishing and eating. everyone got a view before it headed round the corner. We spent some time looking under rocks on the shore. We found lots of little shrimps and sea anemones but it was a bit cold so we headed off. Another otter quite close, fishing in the river and coming out onto the rocks. Our walk was a bit shorter than usual as we had spent lots of time watching otters and eagles. we did head up a forestry track where we knew tadpoles were in a small puddle. They are vulnerable as the pools can dry up. Helped by our young guests we rescued a few of the tadpoles and put them in our pond at home. There was also a newt in the pond. they are really lovely with a bold orange belly. The day was brilliant, lots of wildlife seen, in particular eagles and hen harriers. Gorgeous great northern divers in their full summer plumage.