Tuesday 5th June

June 5, 2018 7:48 pm

A private tour today. a look for otters started us off and we did see one but distant. Lots of common seals enjoying the warm weather. very cloudy and misty today but a welcome respite and better or watching wildlife.

Flying white tailed eagles looking massive as they were close to us.

Buzzard nest with two chicks peeping out and a parent overseeing above.

A detour for lunch and a strong possibility that a basking shark was well basking. we could see it in the telescope but it was distant. Gannets and guillemots, cormorants were just a few of the birds on the sea.

Another stop and white tailed eagle chicks on the nest with a parent in the next tree. Cuppa and red deer on the hill.

A steady drive back as our day was coming to a close, by Aros bridge a film crew was working in the river.




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